Showcase Talk, Review, Challenge, On what is great in India and what not so great in India

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Do you know what you read in a newspaper is all sponsored and biased news? Handfull of writers, editors and TV channels decide what is top news and what should be shown to audience.

The first person to see any news happening is the common man. Lets empower a common man to publish news and facts as it happens. Let's get the news right from the source so we get the real story and unbiased news. Let viewer choose what he want to read. Lets empower a common man to broadcast his view on what is happening around him. This is the philosophy over building the site Jaldibol.

A community website where you can post, review, discuss on what is good and what is not so good. Users can post stories, pictures, event, business, deals etc. It is one form of Journalism where content is posted by community members. Its by the public for the public.