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Here are some examples of blogs powered by Drupal we selected from about 500 sites listed in the "Blog" category of showcase to show you how flexible, versatile and good-looking can be a blog created with Drupal CMS.

Simple and minimalistic, easy on the eye Drupal-based blog with very visible, as if cut out from background posts that remind of catalogue cards.

A blog with a feel, with Bohemian atmosphere to which it is devoted. Somewhat vintage in its colours and details — take a look at the date of the post, or the curves by the title. Stylish and memorable design, that shows that Drupal can have not a tech-y look.

It is a good thing when personal blog reflects the personality of its owner — it helps to see what's this all about. This is one is geeky and girly, and this exactly what we like about it. Its design is elegant and has character. Yet another proof that Drupal can be customised to show you personality.

The front page of this blog looks unusual, and it draws you in — you want to click and go deeper. This is a good example how design helps attract attention to the content. Not sure though, about the cursive font in the tag cloud and titles, maybe too artsy for a tech blog.

A good combination of a photoblog and text blog, this 2-in-1 might work well for many bloggers today, when image content often accompanies text. Also, good example of Drupal flexibility.

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This blog is beautiful, the color contrast of the blog as well.

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This blog is beautiful, the color contrast of the blog as well.

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Drupal as an Open Source

Drupal has a well established reputation for running enterprise-level websites such as The Economist©, FedEx© and The White House. Drupal has an excellent vocabulary and a tag management core module with a better caching system. This is a key requirement to surpass the high volume of traffic.

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