Showcase Drupal on Mt. Everest

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MyEverest is a free, community site I have recently launched for people striving to achieve a big goal in their lives. The site enables individuals to have their own personal area, and to create pages & blog entries for it, using both a standard Drupal web interface or a pda.

Who is using it? Three mountaineers are about to set off to attempt to climb Mt. Everest in April – May 2007 and they will be updating their individual MyEverest blogs with text, pictures and audio updates using satellite phones and a pda as they climb up the mountain.

I am one of the climbers, and part of the reason for posting here was to see if there might be someone who would be interested in providing a bit of backup Drupal technical support for the two months whilst I am away. It should provide a somewhat unique experience with Drupal :) Message me through the site, if you are interested – I’d be keen to hear from you.

Paul Adler.