Showcase The Loneliest Ho in the World

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The Loneliest Ho in the world is a bizzare 'childrens' book that was uncovered in the back of a warehouse in Northern Finland. In an effort to liquidate the inventory, a site was created to promote and distribute the remaining books.

"The Loneliest Ho in the World is a curious childrens* story that may not be suitable for children. The story begins as Santa prepares to depart with his reindeer. He congratulates the elves on the beautiful toys and offers them a celebratory bottle of 'Elf-juice'. Santa then makes his way to his sleigh when he remembers that he's forgotten his HO's. "Christmas isn't Christmas without HO's" exclaims Santa as he gobbles up the box HO's that the Elves brought him. They were "lickety-chewy and tasted like chocolate.""

The site is built on Drupal/Ubercart with a tweaked theme.