Showcase Kripkorn Studios | Komuniti Drupal dan phpBB Malaysia

Drupal Version: 

This project come out to introducing Drupal for Malaysian. Most of our site was written in Malay language as the main medium for easing understanding how to manage Drupal.

Integrated with phpBB3 which replace the actual Drupal forum make our site not only focus power of Drupal but also reflect its framework ability to combine and synchronizing with other CMS, Bulletin Board and much more. This also expand our site not even as a CMS but will grow as a portal website.

In this new year, we has come out with new interface design combination of 3 primary colours. Make it perfect to learn Drupal. This designation we called as Kripkorn.V3. Day by day, we modified from first version to meet user need until we have reach almost stable design, V3.7.