Showcase Charles Griffin Intelligence


Drupal allows us to do something we like to call, "Website in a day". Seem impossible? Maybe, but after a while, using Drupal allows us to cut through some of the mundane initial coding and get down to theming and building. Of course, we specialize in the aesthetic and branding so we never have a problem getting client to sign off on design, they are usually very happy.

This site actually started out as a very simple CMS and shortly after being published, the client came back to get the full styling that you now see and we added a blog. The beauty of that is we created the new theme, got it approved, and basically flipped the switch. Voila! How can you NOT love that as a designer/developer?

Communications are not necessarily literal when it comes to marketing and advertising. We like to call it "atmospheric" in the case of Charles Griffin Intelligence. There was a "feel" our client was attempting to evoke with photography and left it to us to put those in position and set them in motion. We were more than happy to assist.

Collaboration with our clients is important to the success of our work and we are always open to their ideas and concerns. We will act as your experts, giving you honest appraisals based on knowledge and experience. We will not shy away from a difficult critique when we feel something could be better and vice versa, we are not primadonnas and can take direction.