Blog 3000 drupal powered sites mark and more

A few new things:

- Hurray! It is more then 3000 (three thousand) Drupal powered sites are listed for now! Great news and great source of inspiration for Drupal site owners and developers. I had some bottle(s) of nice local wine on this occasion, that's why I'm writing only a few days later (joking).

- Drupal core and a all modules are upgraded to the newest at the moment.

- Just to satisfy our other part of the world (you know which) adult sites are filtered out from most visited, random sites, most voted, etc. So adult sites are only accessible trough direct link from appropriate category. (Seriously, seeing an obviously naked cute raccoon or a Corgi puppy would get me more excited then seeing any (semi)naked human. Am I too European?).

- Drupal 6 upgrade is in closed testing. There are a few modules which are not yet ready for D6. Most probably will go with CCK link field instead of currently used links bundle.

- Advertising. One of the most requested features (you will not believe it) is going to be live in next 1-2 weeks. The prices and placement will be nice to satisfy users and advertisers alike. More on that soon.

- Spam filtering is now managed by Mollom.

On this occasion I'd also want to greet our hosting guys at Zurich, Switzerland. They are doing a great job for us since we moved to their servers about a couple of years. Highly recommended to anybody looking for a responsible host in beautiful/sophisticatedly neutral/boring part of Europe. (Their site is in German but they do speak English, just mail them).

P.S. Drupalcon Szeged was supernice. Great source for inspiration and a nice push to do some more Drupal.

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This would be something that

This would be something that those Drupal existing users will be excited and inspired to use this new D6. Hope this new D6 will really gain acceptance to the existing users of Drupal.

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